Quality Authority & Responsibilities


  1. Authority
    1. All TDCVN Co., Ltd staff members, involved with the projects quality aspects, have been delegated with authority to perform their responsibilities
    2. Project quality requirements are implemented and controlled by working in a systematic manner to formal methods and procedures. This systematic manner includes audits and surveillance to identify possible deficiencies in the use of procedures, which have been accepted as requirements.
    3. All personnel working on the project have been given a clear definition of their responsibilities, and are fully trained in the use of and acquainted with specific of project requirements through the Project Quality Control Plan (PQCP), Health, Safety and Environment Plan (HSEP).
    4. All Subcontractors employed by TDCVN Co., Ltd are qualified and employ quality assurance and control management systems of a standard suitable for the subcontracted activities. A copy of the PQCP and HSEP will be provided to all Subcontractors.
    5. All vendors used by TDCVN Co., Ltd for the supply of equipment components or materials for the project will be made aware of TDCVN Co., Ltd commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment by copy of the relevant sections of the PQCP and HSEP.
    6. All products and services supplied by The Project Manager or their vendors and subcontractors shall conform to contractual and regulatory requirements.
    7. The facilities are designed, constructed, installed and commissioned in such a way that all are safe and reliable, operable and maintainable as per requirements of the specifications and contract drawings.
    8. Non-conformance will be minimized through prevention, timely detection and resolution and continual improvement.
  2. Functional Responsibilities
    1. The Project Manager is the representative of Client and reporting on matters concerning the project to the Owner.
    2. Project Manager of TDCVN is the representative of TDCVN Co., Ltd reporting to the Project Manager and has overall responsibility for the successful implementation of the project:
      1. Establishment Proper Management Systems covering, QA / QC Management, Document Control & Monitoring, Cost Control & Monitoring, Progress Control & Monitoring, OHS & Environment Management and Administration & Accounting.
      2. Monitoring of the established Management Systems.
      3. Management & Coordination of the following activities:
        • Subcontractor Packaging and Preparation.
        • Health, Safety and Environment Control Plan.
        • Quality Control Plan.
        • QA document preparation.
        • Procurement.
        • Construction inclusive coordinating with other Nominated Subcontractors.
        • Testing Commissioning.
      4. Management, Coordination and Monitoring of Subcontractors to achieve the Construction Schedule.
      5. Auditing the operational units Performance.
      6. Reporting to the Project Manager on at least a monthly basis on the status of:
        • Quality.
        • Time.
        • OHS & Environmental.
    3. Site Manager and QA/QC Manager reporting to the Project Manager and is responsible for the day to day implementation and management operation of site construction
      1. Site Management (including facilities).
      2. Site Security, Materials Control and Health-Safety & Environmental.
      3. Construction Performance Monitoring for all Site Works.
      4. Administration & Control of Direct Workers, Suppliers/Subcontractors.
      5. Site Purchasing needs, Financial Cost Records & Invoice Processing.
      6. Resource Planning for Construction.
      7. Performance of all job site Works.
      8. Handover to Owner.
    4. Supervisors / Site Engineers reporting to the Project Manager and is responsible for the day to day implementation and management of the following activities:
      1. Planning & Programming.
      2. Subcontractor Packaging.
      3. Quantity Surveying.
      4. QA/QC Management.
      5. Time, Cost & Quality Monitoring.
      6. Coordination of Training.
      7. Coordination of As-built Documentation.
      8. Review of Operation & Maintenance Manuals (O&M).
    5. All QA Engineers reporting to the QA/QC Manager is responsible for the day to day preparation of the following:
      1. QA/QC Records & Document Control.
      2. Inspection Check of materials & equipment delivered to site.
      3. Works Conformance Inspection & Testing Coordination.
      4. Preparation & Coordinating QA/QC Procedures.
      5. Assist with Training in QA/QC Procedures.
      6. Review of Quality related documentation from Suppliers & Subcontractors.
      7. Advice and Consultation to management for Quality Related matters.
      8. Commissioning Reporting.
      9. Handover Inspection & Reporting.